Dr. Roselia Mendez Murillo Awarded 2023-25 National Science Foundation Grant

Dr. Roselia Mendez Murillo and her team at The University of Texas at Austin were awarded 2023-25 National Science Foundation (NSF) grant ($750,000) aimed at helping America’s infrastructure. The project addresses an urgent need for convergent research and explores alternatives to the communication strategies used by utilities to influence end-user demand during a catastrophic winter storm event, which their previous research has demonstrated to be ineffective and inequitable. The vision for this project is to strengthen America’s infrastructure by infusing cultural insight into strategically designed messages that inform end-users’ decision-making when water utilities desperately need their cooperation to avoid impending infrastructure failures. They refer to this approach as Culturally Appropriate Language and Messaging for Influencing End-User Behavior, or CALM before the Storm. Congratulations Dr. Mendez Murillo!