Dr. Jennifer Kam Cited as One of the Top Published Communication Researchers

Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Kam who was recently cited as one of the top published communication researchers in *Griffin et al.'s (2023) five-year review of communication journal publications between 2017-2021. When Griffin et al. recorded how many scholarly articles communication scholars published in field's top four **flagship journals, Dr. Kam was among the top 1% of scholars who published most frequently in the flagship journals between 2017-2021. She published 8 scholarly articles in the flagship journals during that five year period, and only three other people in the entire field published more flagship articles than Dr. Kam.

Griffin, D. J., Arth, Z. W., Bolkan, S., Gilbreath, J. N., Pike, M. P., & Hakim, S. D. (2023). Scholarly productivity in communication studies: A five-year review (2017–2021). Communication Education, 72(1), 1–18. https://doi.org/10.1080/03634523.2022.2160473

**The following are considered the four most prestigious flagship journals in the field of Communication: Journal of Communication, Human Communication Research, Communication Research, and Communication Monographs.